¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? I’m Francisco. For the record, I want to point out that, if you want to spell my last name right, you’ll need to make sure it has the correct punctuation. Hernández. I’m a proud Mexican, born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, though I have lived in the United States since I was six years old. I consider myself Chicano, Mexican-American. As a Pisces, I am also very emotional, sensitive, and creative. I often reflect on the meaning of life and why I am here, still. I am out and proud, queer, and I don’t believe in gender (social constructs bore me).


I was raised in Los Angeles by mi madre in the streets of Inglewood and Lennox. They’re rough. I grew up believing that my mother was the hero to my story, blasting cumbia and salsa on Saturday mornings reminding me I was about to scrub the toilet (a Latino Mom thing). My hero, and best friend, passed away when I was only seventeen and a senior in High School. She’s the only heartbreak I’ve never fully recovered from.


I like to think I would’ve made my mami proud, though. I spent the next four years at Harvard College, where I learned the realities and struggles of being gay, brown, poor, and alone. It was where I suffered my first mental breakdown and where I met the people who helped me rise from the ashes, my best friends. In 2013 I graduated with a degree in Clinical Psychology and a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a focus on LGBTQ intersectionality. It has been my proudest accomplishment. ¡Sí se pudo!


Ever since, I’ve dedicated my life to working with youth as a teacher, mentor, and counselor. I’ve worked in schools across Boston, Washington, DC., San Diego, and now in Los Angeles. I have always wanted to be a positive role model and support young people. We all go through hardships in our lives, what we do with the lessons these experiences teach us are what define us. That’s what brings me to writing.


I am passionate about story-telling, about writing, and about spreading hope and courage. Reading books when I was younger helped me find new worlds in which I saw myself as a survivor. Now I want to do the same for others. I am especially interested in mystery, suspense, thriller, psychology, and memoir. Whether it’s fiction or not, I hope you find meaning in my words and inspiration in my stories.


You are strong.
You deserve endless and passionate love.
You matter.
Work hard and be kind today.