When Esmeralda’s story first hit me, I was excited to begin writing it down. Ideas flooded my head, one after the other, pulling me in all directions. What if? Wait maybe she? But first? Wait…how about? NO, I’ve got it! I spent so much time thinking about the story, the characters, and the words of it all that I kept going in circles. I was stumped.

I knew where I wanted the story to go, but I didn’t know how to make it happen.

It wasn’t until I started thinking about the audience that I had a breakthrough. How do I want the audience to feel? What journey do I want my readers to have? Do I want my readers to love or hate my characters? How do I want readers to feel at the beginning, middle, and end of my story? It was at that point that the story finally came alive and I knew exactly where to take it.

So far I’ve shared with you bits and pieces of the Prologue and now I’m giving you Chapter 1. Hopefully, by now, you start to feel a certain way towards our main character and coming up with your own thoughts and ideas about who she is. Little by little, piece by piece, I’ll reveal her story and all the stories that go with hers.

I have to admit, this is not where I saw my first story going. Honestly, I didn’t even THINK my first story would be fiction. For years and years I have been writing a sort of autobiography, trying to give insight into my ups and downs in hopes that I’ll inspire someone, but that’s been making me uncomfortable for a while, and this has really sparked my inspiration and attention.

Maybe it’s because I relate to Esmeralda on some kind of level. Maybe it’s because writing has always been an outlet for me, but for now, for now I’m enjoying it, and I really hope you do too.

So, here it is. Let me know what you think!

Find the bits to Esmeralda’s Story, Chapter 1 HERE.