Esmeralda’s story hit me like a ton of bricks one night as I moved into my new apartment in Valley Village, CA. For years and years I have said to friends, family, and anyone who cared to listen that I had dreams and hopes of becoming a writer one day. Over the years, I’ve started different stories and left them as that…half started stories without a middle or an end. Life always just seemed so busy and it never felt like I had enough time to think about what my stories would say.

What is my story about? What is the message? Who is the main character, and why is this character on this journey?

It wasn’t until recently, when I bought a journal at Barnes & Noble with writing prompts in Baltimore, MD, that I really started thinking about writing again. I began by journaling and, on one of these occasions, I went off topic and started writing about Esmeralda. Little by little, her story filled my headspace and I could not let her go. I immediately became overwhelmed by the emotions I knew this character was experiencing and I needed to share her story.

As I continue putting Esmeralda’s story on paper, a piece still untitled, I want to engage with an active reading audience and share ideas, thoughts, and questions. Please join me as I begin to fully develop my first book. I will share short excerpts of every chapter on this website for your enjoyment and discussion. It is my hope that you, as an engaged audience, will keep me pushing until the end of a finished, published product.

Join me in my new and exciting venture. Thank you for the support!

Find the Prologue bits to Esmeralda’s story HERE.